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Anima Wellness has an office in Bethel, PA and has since added a conscientious mobile service developed for these challenging times, offering therapeutic body and energy work to reduce pain and increase well-being.


Through observation, personal and professional  experience in the fitness, wellness, self-help and spiritual fields, I developed the highly effective Anima Method. Every session is tailor-made for you and involves various massage, stretching, and non-touch techniques. It is a unique experience honoring the intricate interconnection of mind, body and spirit. 

In order to achieve our best life, [total wellness], we must learn to recognize and consciously connect to each aspect of our self and understand their interactions. There is a reason why martial artists are encouraged to take a deeper approach to life, [retraining their minds and hearts to correct their erroneously held beliefs about themselves], in order to physically perform to a superior degree. This concept holds true for all areas of our lives. The pursuit of interconnected mind, body, and spirit allow us to begin to recognize how to enter the "flow" of Life.

My life journey has taught [and continues to teach] me about these interdependent aspects of ourselves through personal observation and professional exposure to, and experience with, the fitness, wellness, self-help and energetic fields. Together, along with the increasing scientific evidence surfacing to support the perspective I hold, they form an invaluable pool of information from which I have changed the way I understand and conduct my life significantly, allowing me to live my best life and providing the tools to comprehensively pass the information onto you.
I am a PA licensed massage therapist [LMT] graduate from Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia. I am certified by the American Massage Therapy Association [AMTA], hold a Basic Certification in Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage [MLD], and am a 300 hr certified [RYT] yoga instructor with 5 years professional experience in the fitness industry.

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

& Certified Yoga Instructor
Offering In-Home Services

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